Co-organized by Lacnic, Antel and LACNOG, the Lacnic 18 - LACNOG 2012 meeting was held in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, from October 28 and November 1st, 2012. The meeting was attended by 434 participants from 35 different countries, both in the Lacnic region as well as in others.

Representatives of various sectors participated in the event, including Internet service provider (ISP) managers and technicians, network engineers, experts in new technologies, Internet exchange point operators (IX/NAPs), content providers, international carriers, academic sector representatives, as well as Regional Internet Registry and ICANN staff and civil society representatives.

The Lacnic 18 program focused on commemorating LACNIC's 10th anniversary, with the presence of prominent Internet personalities at both regional and global level. It was an opportunity to look back on the work that has been done and to recognize the contribution of all those who drove this initiative and helped make it a reality.

Simultaneous interpretation in three languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese) was provided for all plenary sessions, which were also broadcast via webcast.

The activities that took place during the event included:

TECHNICAL TUTORIALS – The following tutorials were presented:

  • Basic and Advanced IPv6
  • Security Incident Management
  • Internet Numbering Resource Management
  • IPv6 for Managers
  • Resource Certification (RPKI)

The materials presented at these workshops can be found at

There was also a session on the IETF presented by specialists from Venezuela, Argentina, Spain and Uruguay who explained what the Internet Engineering Task Force is and how Internet protocols are developed.

In addition, two BoF (Birds of a Feather or informal discussion groups) met to discuss BGP (routing) and DNS issues. A significant number of the event's attendees participated in these discussions.

On the first day, a session for new participants was scheduled aimed at providing information to all those participants attending a Lacnic meeting for the first time.

On Monday 29, the event's opening ceremony, attended by prominent personalities of the Internet community, kicked off a week of celebrations.

The first day was devoted to keynote lectures by renowned speakers from around the region and the world as well as the following panels:

  • Internet Governance: "Towards the Internet Governance Forum and the ITU's World Conference on International Telecommunications"
  • Infrastructure for Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean, in which the audience expressed great interest.

Videos of these presentations are available on LACNIC’s YouTube channel:

The presentations can be downloaded at the following URL:


The following proposals reached consensus at the Public Policy Forum and have now entered the 45-day last call for comments period:

  • LAC-2012-05 - Post-exhaustion IPv4 IANA-distributed allocations/assignments.
  • LAC-2012-09 - Update RIRs-on-48.
  • LAC-2012-10 - Allocation of IPv6 address blocks larger than a /32. – Consensus was reached with a minor modification that does not modify the spirit of the proposal. In the Spanish version, the term "fronteras binarias" was replaced by "fronteras hexadecimales".
  • LAC-2012-12 - Eliminating the requirement for initial IPv4 End-User requests - Consensus was reached with a minor modification in the Spanish version of the title. The word "requerimientos" was replaced by "requisitos".

The following policy proposals did not reach consensus and will therefore return to the Policy mailing list for further discussion:

  • LAC-2012-04v2 - Harmonization of items 7 and 9.5 of the Policy Manual.
  • LAC-2012-11 - Requirement to sign up for RPKI when requesting additional resources.
  • LAC-2012-07 - Eliminate the restriction regarding the delay in the implementation of the IPv4 resource transfer policy.
  • LAC-2012-08v2 - Inter-RIR IPv4 address transfers.
  • LAC-2012-01v3 - Eliminate the use of the term "dial-up".

The following proposals were withdrawn by their authors, therefore their status is now "Abandoned":

  • LAC-2011-08v3 – Including RPKI repository data in the Whois database when available.
  • LAC-2012-06 - Resource transfers and gradual IPv4 exhaustion.

Details of the proposals can be found at


Tuesday, October 30 was the day chosen for the awards and tributes ceremony held at Club Uruguay, where tribute was paid to a group of individuals who contributed during Lacnic's creation, past and present members of the organization's management and control bodies, as well as the Chairs of Lacnic's technical forums. Each received a commemorative object in recognition of their contribution to Lacnic.

For further details on the awards ceremony, please visit

The 2012 Outstanding Achievement Awards –10th anniversary edition– were then presented. The Outstanding Achievement Award is an initiative of Lacnic that aims at honoring and rewarding those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Internet and the Information Society in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

On occasion of its 10th anniversary, Lacnic presented awards to ten personalities from around the region. Winners of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions were also invited to the ceremony.

For more information on the 2012 Outstanding Achievement Awards, please visit:

Women and ICTs Lunch

On Wednesday 31st, women attending the conference met to share their experiences working and living with ICTs. With the aim of encouraging and supporting the participation of women in ICTs, for the third time LACNIC provided a collaboration space especially dedicated to the women in this industry.

Carolina Cosse, President of Antel, and Bernadette Lewis, CTU Secretary General, attended the meeting and shared their experiences with other participants.


The Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG) was held jointly with the Lacnic event. This was the Forum's fourth meeting since its creation, and it allowed participants to discuss and exchange technical information relating to network infrastructure and debate technical implementation issues and operating practices with top-level experts who shared their knowledge with the members of the community.

Presentations made at the LACNOG meeting are available at the following URLs:

Tuesday October 30:

Wednesday October 31:

Thursday November 1st:


The event also gave different interest groups the opportunity to hold coordination meetings in parallel with the main sessions, among them, LAC-IX, an organization that brings together our region’s Internet exchange points, and computer security teams (CSIRTs).


The 3rd Regional Meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Computer Security Incident Response Teams was held on Wednesday 31st October.

The meeting was attended by over 30 representatives of Latin American and Caribbean organizations, including CSIRT representatives, government agencies, academia and members of the private sector.

For more information about the meeting's program, visit the Amparo Project website at

These presentations are available at


During the event, Lacnic staff once again reserved a space for face-to-face meetings during which participants had the opportunity to enquire personally about issues relating to their membership, resource allocation/hostmaster, technical questions and billing issues.

Lacnic and LACNOG would like to thank all those who made this event possible, particularly ANTEL, who hosted the event, as well as the meeting’s sponsors:, Internet Society,, Google, ICANN, ITC, PineApp, Internexa, Woow, SECIU, Goalbit Solutions, Ideasoft, Nic Chile, Montevideo COMM, El Observador.